During 35+ years in business as a manager, owner and entrepreneur, alongside a lifetime spent in and around that same environment, Ben Jackson has been supported, mentored or coached by many very genuine individuals. However he has also encountered far too many other individuals and organisations that were effectively just ‘in it for the money’, giving little regards for the impact on the person that they were supporting. This has lead him to a place where he has a very clear understanding of his WHY – Ben says:

“Every entrepreneur needs a WHY – My Why is a deep down, ingrained, unconditional, need to support and help others; to maximise their own potential and make a positive difference to their own lives.”

Ben is passionate and committed to making available affordable, accessible and appropriate mentoring for business owners, would be owners as well as not for profit and voluntary organisations. Hence his launching 2B’s Management Consultancy Limited in 2007.

He is also able to adapt his private sector experiences, combining these to those gained working with, in and alongside the public and voluntary sectors, to help those organisations better understand each others language and to interact more effectively, helping to create a “Win-Win” scenario for all involved.

Too frequently mentors are approached at a point when their job has become near impossible. In many cases this results from fear within the person seeking help and support; fear of looking a fool; fear of spending more money that is not there; fear of being talked about; fear of having an idea pirated, and so forth.

Ben knows this from the experience of being in this position, not just from anecdotal stories. He has learned that ‘your problems’ are never as widely discussed as you fear, never are you more foolish than others have been, or will be, and that others are far to busy talking about, or dealing with, their own problems to concern themselves with yours!

If you want to know more about Ben, who has also been described as a social entrepreneur, and/or keep up to date with his current activities and projects then please download our pdf Introduction and Guide to 2B’s Management Consultancy Limited to be found in the publications section of this website, visit his Linked in Profile and/or follow him on Twitter as @benjackson52 and/or follow his personal Blog.