Some would have buckled beneath the weight of the “opportunities and challenges” that have presented themselves to Ben. He however rises to whatever the task and circumstance and, as a result and far more than most, he understands the true value of life and relationships.
Ben has the ability to enthral an audience: he speaks from the heart and because he is well considered it is always a pleasure to be there. He illustrates how to be successful in business whist, at the same time, balancing a challenging domestic life and identifying the hazards along the way.

Motivated, creative, hardworking and tenacious, Ben knows how to deliver.

I have found Ben to be very professional and effective, extremely helpful, reliable, and a pleasure to deal with.
He has been of tremendous help to me personally in my work, and to the local community. I moved into a new role from the private to the voluntary sector, and Ben was invaluable in helping me get established, assisting me with my work and connecting me with influential people. He has also played a key part in establishing and developing ROBIN – the Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network, which brings organisations together across the business, public and voluntary sector to share skills and resources creatively for the benefit of local people. Too often Ben puts others before himself.

Ben is not only a good supporter of local, established business's, but also emerging, growing business’s and ideas.
He has already offered me a lot of advice and mentoring as I continue to pursue setting up an online radio station and independent film company. He is approachable and helpful to anyone, and by what I have seen, is perfectly capable of getting jobs done, putting in full effort and investing lots of time into projects.