We recognise that the level of your financial investment in seeking support can be a barrier to doing so; our MD has been in that position. Ours is not a ‘free’ service, but the benefit to you of that fact is that both you, and us, are truly focussed on making the relationship work for you and creating a winning result for all involved.

1. Initial Meeting

Our initial “Confidential Conversation” is usually between 1 and 3 hours in length, it is complimentary – there is no charge. It is intended to enable you to share openly and transparently what is it that is challenging you or your business so that we can effectively assess if we can assist you or not. NB: Honesty and full disclosure on the part of the customer is essential to an accurate assessment.

2. Next Stage.

After the initial meeting you will be sent a written proposal, by e-mail, post, or both as you prefer, to your appointed discreet contact point.

This proposal will detail; the features and benefits for you of an ongoing investment in working with us along with what your ongoing conversations with us, as we work together, could deliver.

It will detail any fees associated with your investment along with the payment terms; these will reflect the nature of the initial conversation and the position you and your businesses are currently in.

Our aim is to be accessible to as many businesses as possible and avoid making ‘cost’ a barrier.

To start your “Confidential Conversations” just visit the Contact Us page and send us a request to make contact – there is no charge for the first ‘conversation’ and taking the first steps away from your current challenges.