The benefits to you of asking us to work with you will include your obtaining much greater clarity and certainty about:

  • Where you and your business ‘are’ now
  • Where you and your business need and want to be in the future
  • The challenges that will faced by you and your business on the journey from ‘now to ‘then’
  • How you and your business will overcome those challenges
  • What support you will need to complete the journey
  • The likely length of time the journey will take.

Through the process of simply conversing you will pinpoint missing elements in your business, helping you to achieve:

Clarity – Understanding of the passion you have for your business and what you need to ‘do’ to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Connections – Understanding whom you need to be connected with and where you should look for them.

Certainty – Having the certainty and conviction that you are heading the right way to achieve your personal and business goals.  This energises you, helping you get where you want to be more efficiently and sooner.

Creativity – Exploring exciting opportunities for you and your businesses and your working out which ones are ‘right’ for you.

Communication – Conveying effectively to your family, suppliers, customers and staff the vision and pathway for the future.

We believe a business mentor should help you to recognise the good and the ‘not so good’ in an opportunity and in the options before you – this in the good times and in the hard ones. Then support you in making changes, taking actions and reviewing your progress.

For more information about mentoring in general download our guide on the Publications page HERE

Adding More Value:

We know in business you always need to be sure you are receiving the best return on your investment – so in addition to, and included as part of our commitment to you, all those taking part in a programme of “Confidential Conversations” will, for the duration of the programme, automatically benefit from extended connectivity, via us, to a network of contacts who could help you, or who you could help.